Quant Base –  Discovering the True Value of Data

Quant Base is a leading provider of data optimisation services designed for use by all types of companies and institutions around the world, from government agencies and non-profit organisations to banks and insurers; from telecom companies to supermarket chains.

Our service enables your organisation to answer questions such as:

  • Which customers bring you money and which don’t?
  • Does a better bus route exist?
  • Where is there a need for parking spaces?
  • How do people use or misuse (social) services?
  • Which routes do people prefer in a mall?
  • Is there a market for a particular type of shop in a certain area, now or in the future?
  • Are all the houses around a dangerous factory insured?
  • Do clients with a pension policy also have life insurance?
  • How often is a particular type of car involved in an accident; how were the weather conditions at the time of the accident; how old was the driver?
  • Which sales person clicks with what type of customers?

The possibilities are endless.  By combining information contained in your own data system with information contained in the log files of your website, call centre, administration system, private and public archives or social media, Quant Base provides customers with a gold mine of virtual information.

Our skill in quantifying and analysing all types of data can provide the answers to questions faced by all types of businesses and organisations. Quant Base provides the methodology, tools and creativity required to get the most out of your data and to respond effectively and profitably to any situation, without the need to change your existing IT environment.